pet safety tips for summer

Keep Your Pets Safe In Summer Heat

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When the weather heats up, keep your pet safe.  Warmer temperatures and summertime activities may present hazards to your dog or cat that are not seen during other times of the year.

Pay attention to these pet safety tips in the coming season:

Keep them hydrated

Provide your pet with plenty of fresh, cool water during summer weather. They can dehydrate quickly, even experiencing seizures. Give pets plenty of breaks in the shade when playing outside during warm months.

Observe for signs of heat stroke

Do you know the signs that your pet has had too much sun? Some symptoms include difficulty breathing, panting, drooling, lethargy, weakness, and even fainting or collapsing. If your pet has a seizure or begins vomiting, seek medical attention promptly.

Never leave pets in a car

Never leave a pet in a parked car or vehicle. In fact, you can face legal repercussions for doing this. It is safer for the pet to stay home.

Practice pool safety

Always observe and supervise pets near swimming pools. They are not all great swimmers. Keep your pool securely fenced and gated to keep everyone safe.

Check the window screens

Don’t make the mistake of leaving windows open- without checking that the screens are secure. An open window could be dangerous to pets that could possibly fall out or flee and become lost.

Trim, don’t shave

Trim your pet’s coat during warm weather to keep them cooler, but don’t shave them down. This can make many pets vulnerable to sunburn. Your pet’s coat keeps them safe from too much sun or exposure. If your pet has a very short coat, make sure to apply pet-approved sunscreen before spending time outside.

Protect the paws and pads

Keep your pet’s paws and pads safe from burning by avoiding hot asphalt and other surfaces during summer walks.

Watch what they eat

In the chaos of a summertime party or get-together, it can be easy to overlook what your pet gets into. Remember that alcoholic beverages can cause serious health issues for pets that accidentally consume them; also, human treats can be toxic for dogs or cats. Provide your pet with plenty of pet-friendly treats instead to keep them healthy and safe.

Secure your pets during fireworks

Pets are typically afraid of fireworks. Many flee their homes, becoming lost or disoriented. Protect your pets by securing them in a comfortable room during these displays. Plus, never expose your pet to fireworks that they could potentially ingest or get hurt with. Better yet, skip fireworks altogether.

See your veterinarian

Plan to schedule a visit for your pets prior to summer weather. This is the perfect time to get your pet tested for heartworm and to obtain flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives.

Pay attention to these summer pet safety tips when the seasons change and warmer weather comes. Also, for care and compassion, talk to the professionals at Midlands Pet Care, a family-owned and operated company that specializes in pet burials and cremation.

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