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Dog collar and picture frame pet memorial options for when your pet passes away

Your Options for When Your Pet Passes Away

By Midlands Pet Care | February 15, 2024

When your beloved pet passes away, you will naturally be struggling with grief. However, this is when you have to face the difficult decision of how to handle their remains. Many people never consider this issue until their vet questions them about what they would like to do. It goes without saying that this is not a good […]

Dog owner feeding pet dog diabetes

What to Know About Dog Diabetes

By Midlands Pet Care | January 15, 2024

There are two types of dog diabetes. By far, the most common kind is diabetes mellitus (DM), which is the result of a disruption of pancreatic function and abnormal regulation of blood sugar. The other type is diabetes insipidus (DI), symptoms of which are excessive thirst/drinking and the production of abnormal volumes of very dilute urine. Because diabetes […]

Dogs playing at park socialize your dog

5 Good Reasons to Socialize Your Dog

By Midlands Pet Care | December 15, 2023

Socialization is the process of exposing your canine to new people, animals, situations, and places. Effective socialization will produce a more relaxed and confident dog who is not afraid to discover new things and will be far less likely to adopt behaviors caused by fear of the unknown. Let’s look at five good benefits you […]

Family pet girl with puppy choosing the right pet for your family

Tips for Choosing the Right Pet for Your Family

By Midlands Pet Care | November 15, 2023

Your pet will become just like another member of your family. It’s important to learn about choosing the right pet for your family dynamics and needs. Take some time to think about your family and lifestyle and what kind of pet will best fit in. Before taking a pet into your home, here are some helpful […]

Pet insurance benefits and financial considerations for pet owners

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

By Midlands Pet Care | October 15, 2023

If you have a pet, you face a dilemma – should you get pet insurance? The answer really boils down to the response to another question – is it worth it? Does it give you peace of mind within an affordable budget, or is it a financial burden with a limited reward? Let’s help you […]

Cats get ear infections

Can Cats Get Ear Infections?

By Midlands Pet Care | September 15, 2023

While uncommon, it is possible for cats to get ear infections. If your cat does get an ear infection, it is critical to seek prompt treatment because the underlying cause can be serious and ultimately lead to hearing loss or death if left untreated. Be sure to take your cat to the vet if you […]

Cats sense final days behavior signs

Can Cats Sense When Their Last Days Are Near?

By Midlands Pet Care | August 15, 2023

Currently, science is unable to tell us for sure if cats sense when they’re dying. However, there are some signs that may support the belief that cats are able to tell when they are in their last days.  Cats’ Powerful Sense of Smell As far as powerful noses go, cats have people significantly beat. The noses of felines contain more than 200 million […]

Dog lick another dog's ears

Why Does Your Dog Lick Another Dog’s Ears?

By Midlands Pet Care | July 15, 2023

You may wonder why your dog likes to lick another dog’s ears. There are several reasons why your dog may feel an irresistible compulsion to engage in ear licking, and most of the time, this behavior is harmless. Here are the most common explanations of why your dog sometimes seems to have an ear fixation.  […]

Dog and cat alone together pets

Is It Safe to Leave Your Dog and Cat Alone Together?

By Midlands Pet Care | June 15, 2023

Unfortunately, some dogs and cats will not be harmonious under the same roof, and it will not be safe to leave your dog and cat alone together. The reason is that dogs and cats have quite different characteristics that will not necessarily blend well. However, many pet owners find their cat and dog can become good housemates […]