Your Pet is Making You Healthier!

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Did you know that there is a distinct correlation between pets and health? Experts assert that the benefits of pet ownership go far beyond companionship and purpose.

Your pet is making you healthier! Here’s how:

Fewer Doctor Visits

Studies show that people who care for pets make fewer trips to their doctors’ offices, approximately .6 times less on average. To some, this may seem hardly significant but If you consider the rising costs associated with healthcare, it comes out to over $11 billion saved.

Improve Immunity

Experts say that children who live in homes shared with pets have fewer colds and coughs, perhaps due to improved immunity. The exposure that kids get to things like dander and dust can help keep them from having sensitivities and allergies later.

Increased Social Interaction

There is no disputing that pets can lead to social interactions with others; this could be key to preventing loneliness or isolation as seniors age. Pet ownership is also a great way to meet like-minded people and have some human contact- it is integral to healthy aging across the lifespan. Pets can also provide a sense of comfort, security, and confidence that makes even socially anxious or awkward owners feel much more engaging.

Regular Exercise

Perhaps an obvious health benefit of owning a dog or other companion pet is the potential for exercise- after all, it is healthy for your pet, too. Daily walks or active games can help keep your dog from becoming susceptible to a host of health problems associated with obesity, too. It also helps with many canine behavioral issues; talk to your veterinarian to learn more.

Reduced Stress and Anxiety

Did you know that pets can actually reduce your stress and anxiety? They lower blood pressure and slows the heart rate, which can make you feel calm and cool under pressure. In fact, The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have reported that pet owners have lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, too, particularly if you are male. Again, this is good news for your heart health!

Mental Health and Wellbeing

It has been reported that spending time with beloved pets can induce a feel-good chemical in the brain, which leads to feelings of overall contentment, comfort, and satisfaction. This is a win-win situation for pet owners, after all, who doesn’t want to feel good?

Owning a pet has a lot of benefits, particularly when it comes to your health and wellbeing. Thinking of getting a pet? Consider these compelling reasons when making your decision. Also, when the time comes, know that Midlands Pet Care is family-owned, compassionate, and available to help with pet burials and cremation. Call or visit for more information.

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