Is your family ready to adopt a dog?

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If you have been thinking about adopting a dog, know that it is a big responsibility. In fact, many say that pet adoption is one of the biggest changes and transitions that a household can make, so be sure that you are ready for the commitment. While pets can bring joy and fun to the entire home, it pays to plan ahead.

Is your family ready to adopt a dog? Prepare yourself with these tips:

Look around the home

The first thing to do before bringing any animals into your home is to make sure the dwelling is pet-proof. Just as you would assess the home for a child or baby, take a look around to ensure your dog will be safe. Make sure that toxins, like medications and cleaning agents, are high and out of reach for a curious pet. Also, put a latch on the trash can to prevent your pet from choking or potentially consuming harmful items. Secure and prevent access to anything that your pet could get into- and get hurt- like outlets and stairs. Baby gates can be helpful for smaller dogs and puppies.

Plan on being patient

Remember that adopting a dog will require patience. They need a lot of time and attention- every single day. They can be destructive when they become bored or when left to their own devices- prepare yourself! The payoff is a loyal companion that will unconditionally love you. Familiarize yourself with the breed and history of the dog you plan to adopt to make the transition a bit less unpredictable.

Work out a schedule

Dogs do best when they are on a schedule or routine. Make a plan for a daily agenda that includes your pet’s mealtimes, walks, and time spent with family members. Also, plan out some time for training and obedience, if applicable. Your pet will adapt best around consistency and predictability.

Stock up

Make sure that you have plenty of pet-appropriate toys, bedding, and food on hand for when your new dog comes home. Toys help prevent destruction to your belongings and fixtures around the house, and also help fend off boredom. Make sure that you only buy toys that are designated for pets, as other items, such as human toys, could become choking hazards.

Find your vet

Still think you are ready for a pet? Now is the time to look for a reliable veterinarian before you even bring your new furry family member home! Find a vet in your geographic region before you need them for an emergency or crisis situation. Ask friends or family members that have dogs about their experiences and check out online reviews to find the right provider for your dog- or other pet.

Is your household ready for a pet? Use these tips to make sure you are all on the same page- and p for the responsibility. Pets are family- know that we are here for you at Midlands Pet Care when the time comes. We are a family owned and operated company, specializing in pet burials and cremations.

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