Is Your Pet Acting Different?

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Is your pet acting differently? Observe for some signs of an underlying issue that merits prompt veterinary attention. Call your vet and seek medical attention for pets if you notice the following:

Appetite Issues

Noticeable changes in your pet’s appetite can be a symptom of many things and merit a call to your veterinary provider. Refusing to eat or disinterest in food could be indicative of an illness; don’t let it get worse before seeking medical attention.

Weight Changes

Similarly, if you notice weight gain or weight loss, see your vet. Fluctuations in your pet’s weight could be the only sign of an underlying condition, like diabetes or Cushing’s Disease. Your pet’s vet will be able to perform diagnostic testing to identify any serious issues or illnesses.

Fatigue or Lethargy

Is your pet acting lethargic or tired more than usual? Fatigue or lethargy could also indicate a problem. See your vet and do it fast if this is accompanied by other symptoms, including pain or changes in appetite. Do not delay.

Pee Problems

Is your pet able to pee without difficulty? If your pet does experience trouble or issues when relieving themselves, this is reason to seek out veterinary advice. There is always a possibility of a blockage or infection- which your vet should be able to detect and treat.

Odd Behaviors

Odd behaviors or changes in the way that your pet normally acts are often signs of a medical issue. Make sure that you share these observations with your veterinarian as behavioral changes often signify an underlying condition. Aggressive or isolative behaviors exhibited by typically social pets- i.e. your dog suddenly bites someone- could be a sign that they are in pain; take them to a vet for assessment.

Serious Signs

Naturally, there are other situations and symptoms that should send you to the emergency veterinary office. Things like unconsciousness, seizures, vomiting, or diarrhea should be taken seriously, and you should immediately contact your regular vet provider; they will advise you how to proceed. If you wait, your pet risks dehydration which can contribute to their sickness and condition.

If you believe your pet has had too much heat or sun exposure, get in the shade right away and provide them with small sips of cool water. Don’t let them gulp; call your vet and have your pet evaluated promptly to prevent any further issues.

Is your pet experiencing any of these signs or symptoms? Talk to your veterinary provider right away. For services at the end of your pet’s life, talk to Midlands Pet Care, a family-owned & operated company that specializes in pet burials and cremation. We are here to help when you need us.

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