7 Ways To Show your Pets You Love Them

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Pets are four-legged family members, and most of us cannot imagine our lives without beloved pets. Here are 7 ways to show pets love and create a great bond with them:

Get Moving

Perhaps the best way to show a pet that you care is to exercise with them. Take a walk, take a swim, or create a fun obstacle course- inside or outdoors. The options are limitless but make sure that you provide your pet with ample breaks during warm weather and provide plenty of fresh water to keep them hydrated.


Playing with your pet can not only provide important physical activity, but also helps to forge a loving bond between you and your pet. Some game ideas include fetch and chasing toys for both dogs and cats.

Groom Them

Grooming is more than a loving act; it is a vital component of maintaining your pet’s holistic health and wellbeing. Groom your pet, brush their fur, and help maintain their teeth as part of a daily regimen. Not sure how to groom your dog or cat? Speak with a professional groomer or your veterinarian to learn more.

Learn Something New

They say that you are never too old to learn something new; bond with your pet by teaching- and learning- a new skill. Basic commands, obedience training, or puzzles are a great way to keep them young and exercise your pet’s mind. Plus, what better bonding experience than spending time learning together?

Show Love

Showing physical affection to your pet is another way to show them your love and devotion. Engage, interact, and provide physical contact to your pet. Remember that most dogs prefer being petted on their shoulders, back, and chest, while cats prefer the top of their head or being scratched under their chin.

Splurge a Little

A treat can also show love but don’t overdo it. The health risks of an obese pet are numerous- and it does impact their quality of life. Share a treat and let your loved one splurge a little! It makes sense to consult with your pet’s veterinary provider to find treats that are both nutritionally balanced and tasty to inspire your pet and make them feel loved.

See the Vet

Taking care of your pet’s veterinary needs is another way to show them that you care. Take your pet for regular annual preventative visits and keep them up to date on their vaccinations and immunizations.

Show your pet that you love them with these suggestions. When the time comes, reach out to Midlands Pet Care, a family owned and operated company, specializing in pet burials, cremation, and final arrangements for the furry companions and family members in the home.

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