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Your Options for When Your Pet Passes Away

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When your beloved pet passes away, you will naturally be struggling with grief. However, this is when you have to face the difficult decision of how to handle their remains. Many people never consider this issue until their vet questions them about what they would like to do. It goes without saying that this is not a good time for you to think rationally and calmly about your options. In this situation, you may make a hasty decision while grappling with painful emotions – something you may regret later.

Think About Your Pet Passing in Advance of the Event

Carefully considering what you would prefer to do with your pet’s remains while your pet is still alive isn’t ghoulish. Rather, it’s a responsible way of facing a painful reality, especially if your pet is aging or has a serious illness. It also provides you with the opportunity to evaluate all of your options for when your pet passes, which include the following: 

Home Pet Burial

Burying your pet at home is a way to keep your animal friend part of your world. With a home burial, you can create a permanent memorial – a headstone, statue, or a tree or shrub planted over the grave. However, in today’s urban environment you may have no suitable place in which to bury your pet. Also, many localities prohibit home burials for health and hygienic reasons. 

Cemetery Pet Burial

Pet cemeteries can be found in many localities. Burial in an animal cemetery ensures that your pet’s burial plot will be cared for and remain undisturbed. Cemetery burial can be an expensive choice, but, if it is affordable, you may find it to be a comforting and secure way to handle your pet’s remains. You can arrange for your chosen pet cemetery to pick up your pet from your home or vet’s office and opt for a funeral and memorial service.

Pet Cremation

You can retain your pet’s remains at home if you choose cremation. Your pet can be cremated and the ashes returned to you. This has the advantage of keeping your pet at home and bypasses any health problems or concerns that your pet’s burial place might be disturbed later. Your pet’s ashes can be kept in a decorative urn or other containerYou can also choose to scatter your pet’s ashes where they lived and played – in your yard or in the woods where you enjoyed many walks together. 

Talk to Your Family

Before deciding what to do when your pet passes, discuss the options with your family members. It’s important to understand that there’s no right or wrong point of view when having this discussion. Feelings about dying and what remains after death are intensely personal, and everyone’s feelings should be respected. When your beloved pet passes away, you are going to be faced with making a decision that can have a profound impact on how you and your family deal with the loss. This is why it’s important not to leave such an impactful decision until the last minute.

When Your Pet Passes – The Final Farewell

If your pet dies at a veterinary clinic, be aware that you are not obliged to go with the crematorium your vet suggests. If you live in our area, rest assured that Midlands Pet Care will treat your pet’s remains with the same concern and care you gave your pet during their life. We have been specializing in pet burials and cremations for many years and we would be honored to help you celebrate the life of your beloved pet. If you live too far away, visit our online store to choose a suitable pet memorial to honor the beautiful years you spent together. 

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