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Why You Should Have an End-of-Life Plan for Your Pet

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You can’t control everything about the end of the life of your beloved pet. However, an end-of-life plan for your pet can help relieve some of your future stress. Also, it will better equip you to make the best of the remaining time spent with your furry friend.

When Should You Think About an End-of-Life Plan?

Perhaps you have recently received some concerning news from your veterinarian. Or maybe you recognize signs that your aging pet may be approaching the end of life. It may be difficult, but this is an ideal time to think about the best choices for your pet. Here are things to consider when making your plan:

Get Answers to Your Concerns Ahead of Time

Waiting until the “heat of the moment” to voice concerns and ask questions can lead to too much turmoil amid an already stressful event. Having your specific questions and worries answered by your vet well before the sad time comes can be reassuring and comforting.

Avoid Stressful Emergency Situations

Advance planning can help avoid emergencies and late-night trips to an emergency clinic. Knowing what signs to look for and having a proactive plan will enable you to contact your vet sooner rather than later. Create an in-home emergency plan tailored to your pet’s specific illness. For example, if your pet has a condition that may result in a rapid decline, empower yourself in advance to know how to treat sudden severe symptoms.

Plan Out Steps for Palliative Care

You may learn that various treatment options are available for your pet’s condition. Medications or supplements for pain, nausea, loss of appetite, or other symptoms may benefit your pet. Therapies such as gentle exercises, massage, acupuncture, or laser treatments, may also be options. A combination of these approaches through integrative palliative care may enhance your pet’s quality of remaining life or even slow down the disease progression.

Avoid Regrets About Misspent Time

Do your best to make the most of your pet’s remaining days. This can be as simple as sharing a cheeseburger or taking a day off work to spend it together on the couch. On the other hand, it could be more elaborate, e.g., a road trip to a favorite spot. Think about ways to modify favorite activities. For example, if your dog is no longer mobile, take him out in a wagon or stroller. If he can no longer chase his ball, try rolling it to him instead.

Plan for When to Say Goodbye

The lines can get fuzzy when determining “how far” into the illness you want your pet to go. So, set up an in-depth exploration of your pet’s condition and all possible outcomes with your vet. Furthermore, if you decide it’s time for your pet to pass at home via euthanasia, make a veterinary appointment ahead of time. Avoid complications that could arise from calling last minute.

Plan How to Memorialize Your Pet

You have a variety of choices for memorializing your pet. Perhaps a painting or sketch, a clay paw impression, or paw print jewelry. Click here for some wonderful ideas.

Plan for Your Pet’s Aftercare

An end-of-life plan should include your choice of burial or cremation. You may want your pet’s ashes returned to you in a specially engraved urn. Or, you may choose to scatter them over one of his favorite locations.

  • Making an end-of-life plan for your beloved pet is hard. At Midlands Pet Care, you will find compassionate end-of-life options that allow your pet’s life to be honored and remembered.

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