Should We Get a Dog or a Cat?

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It’s no secret: owning a pet is one of the most rewarding experiences in life. When you’re ready to bring home a companion, there are many species and breeds with which to choose. If you’ve owned a dog or cat in the past or your family is enthusiastic about having them around, then it might be time for you to consider welcoming a new pet into your household.

But how do you decide between a dog and a cat? You really can’t go wrong with either choice. Both dogs and cats make excellent pets. However, the decision relies on some factors like:

Your Lifestyle

If you live in an apartment, then there’s no doubt that a cat would be the better match for your living situation. Cats are generally more adaptable to apartment living. If you live in a house or have access to outside space, a dog might be more appropriate.

Dogs are great for people who enjoy staying active. If getting outside for fresh air is high on your priority list, owning an athletic pup would be ideal.

Size of a Dog or Cat

Some people are looking for a large dog to play Frisbee or fetch. Others prefer to have a small, low-key pooch easy enough to pick up. This doesn’t matter as much for cat lovers since cats generally weigh less than dogs on average and don’t require excessive amounts of exercise.

Your Personality

If you’re a person who prefers the company of an animal that’s easygoing and great at making you laugh, then a cat might be perfect for you. If you enjoy more active companionship, having a dog might suit your needs better. Also, consider how well your last pet got along with other pets in the home.

If you’re bringing home a new furry friend that will be required to live with another pet, then it might be best to choose the one that gets along better with your current pet.

Cat People vs. Dog People

If you already know that you prefer one species or the other, then this step will be easy enough to take care of. However, if your household contains both dog and cat lovers, then it’s important to consider which choice would make for a happier environment in your home.

Some dogs and cats thrive together, while others cannot be in the same room with each other. Identify your family members’ preferences and work from there.

The Age of Your Kids

If you have kids, then it might be best to consider the age of each child. While both dogs and cats can make wonderful companions for younger children (with proper supervision), many breeds are not ideal when it comes to handling young kids–especially those who might poke or pull on their ears or tails.

Though you shower your pet with love and devotion, they don’t stay forever. When it’s time to say goodbye to your beloved pet, Midland’s Pet Care will be there to honor its memories and ensure an easy transition.

Our staff is trained with empathy and the utmost compassion when it comes to preserving your pet’s dignity.

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