How To Help Your Cat Adjust To Its New Home

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Are you bringing home a new feline family member? Make sure to take time and give your cat care to acclimate them to their new surroundings. Cats that are unaccustomed to or unfamiliar with their environment can demonstrate behavioral issues. Use these tips to prevent problems when bringing your cat home:

Consider The Cat

Before bringing a new cat into the home, make sure that you are prepared for the commitment. If you already have pets, you know the time, patience, and money that pet ownership requires. Consider if your current pets will adjust to a new addition at this time. Are they in good health? You may want to proceed cautiously if any of your current pets have chronic or contagious medical conditions. Consider whether your home is the best fit for the cat, and if you are prepared for the responsibility.

Give Them A Safe Space

When bringing a cat home, first provide them with a safe space to call their own as they adjust. This must be a secure area with a door, ceiling, and no access to the outdoors. Provide some toys and items for the cat to hide amongst or inside, like boxes and bedding. Make sure that you always leave plenty of fresh water and food for your kitty and keep the dishes as far away from the litter box in the safe space as possible. Don’t worry if your cat doesn’t have an appetite for the first one-to-two days of arrival; this is normal behavior when in unfamiliar surroundings.

Provide Them With Entertainment

Now that your cat is in its safe space, make sure that you give them toys and objects to entertain them and keep them occupied. A bored pet can do damage; providing cat toys can prevent damage to your home. When choosing toys for your pet, give them ones that have not been used by other animals and that smell new, otherwise, it can cause the cat anxiety when they are trying to adapt to a new home.

Move Them Forward

Within the first few days, gradually help your new cat adapt and move beyond the confines of their safe space by letting them explore other areas of the home. Plan to be home during these excursions, and always double-check that the home is secure with doors and windows closed, during these outings. Skip letting your cat in the basement as there are far too many nooks and crannies to keep track of them- your cat could feasibly hide or escape.

Use these tips to seamlessly integrate a new feline family member into the household. Remember, it may take time for the cat to become comfortable; observe their behavior and keep them contained until you are sure they are safe from fleeing and becoming lost.

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