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Celebrate Your Feline Friend & Give Back This National Cat Day

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Did you know that over 25% of households have cats? It’s true. Even better, cat lovers can celebrate their beloved pets with National Cat Day on October 29th. (However, if your cat could talk, they’d probably inform you that every day should be National Cat Day.)

Here are some great ways to celebrate your pet and give back to these awesome animals:

Adopt a Feline in Need

One of the greatest things you can do on National Cat Day is adopting a cat in need of a home. Shelters are overflowing with cats of all ages and temperaments in need of love and a forever family.

Here are several tips to helping a new cat adjust to your home.

If you’re not ready to adopt, consider fostering to help shelters and shower a kitty in need with attention until it finds its forever home.

Donate or Volunteer at Cat Shelters

Animal shelters often need a helping hand. Spend the day volunteering at a local cat shelter by cleaning out cages, providing cuddles, cleaning litter boxes, and feeding the cats.

If you’re interested in volunteering, call local shelters to ask if they need some help. If you’re not able to volunteer, shelters love donations of food, litter, cleaning supplies, or cash.

Spoil Your Cat

Already have a cat? Today is the perfect holiday to spoil them! There are a variety of items you can buy for your cat, whether it be a new cat bed, a special treat, or a fun toy.

Some ideas for new treats and toys for cats include catnip, wet food, scratching posts, laser lights, treats, or balls.

Play With Your Cat

While cats are often considered lazy creatures, many of them have a strong desire to play. Now that you’ve got some new toys for your cat, carve out some time during your day to play with them.

Cats like movement and toys that reflect light. The best cat games include chasing a “prey”, like a laser light or a string and feather toy. Encourage your cat to stalk the toy like it would in the wild, and use its speed and stealth to catch it.

Share Some Cute Cat Pictures

In the age of social media, sharing photos of every holiday is commonplace. Use National Cat Day as a special opportunity to share some cute pictures of your cat online.

Share old pictures you’ve taken, pictures of your National Cat Day activities, their new toys, or, since Halloween is coming up, snap a picture of them in costume!

Happy National Cat Day

If you’re a cat owner, National Cat Day can be a fun day to shower your cat with extra attention. As a cat lover, you can even use this day to give back and help other cats in need.

If you’ve recently lost a beloved cat, Midland Pet Care Inc provides special memorial products to remember them by. Check out our selection for a special way to honor them on National Cat Day.

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