5 Reasons Why Pets Are Good for Your Health

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Did you know that approximately two thirds of American families own pets? Whether you’re a dog person, a cat person, or someone who prefers the company of smaller animals, the appeal of pet companionship is all but universal. Most of us love coming home to an extra friendly face, but you might be surprised to learn just how the benefits extend beyond short-term happiness.

Perhaps you’re looking for some new, interesting reasons to bring another pet into your home. Owning a pet is rewarding, but are pets good for your health? Learn five ways that having a pet offers long-term mental and physical health benefits.

1. Improved Physical Fitness

Daily interactions with your pet look different for everyone and vary according to pet. For a dog owner, it might mean long walks outdoors. For a cat owner, it might mean rigorous, high-speed playtime.

Either way, the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine has published studies confirming that pet ownership often leads to more frequent physical activity, leaving your body more healthy. Look no further if you’re looking for good reasons to get a dog!

2. Sense of Calm

One of the most striking health benefits of owning a pet is that their presence relaxes us and puts us at ease. However, the resulting physical effects of this are manifold.

For one, when our anxiety is reduced, it most often means that our blood pressure and cholesterol levels follow in turn. Also among the mental health benefits of pets is that bonding with them releases endorphins, improving mental acuity.

3. Stronger Immunities

When you live with or grow up around a dog or cat, you are less likely to develop strong allergies. Particularly for children, pet dander can gradually strengthen the immune system.

In the end, your pet can play a significant part in keeping you from getting too sick, even long after they’re gone.

4. Increased Responsibility and Discipline

Often overlooked as a health benefit of pets, owning a furry friend of our own means learning just how to properly care for another life.

It is a learning process for almost everyone who attempts it, and very often aids in both teaching or healthily distracting those experiencing grief, addiction, or the universal trials of growing up.

5. Pets Are Good for Your (Social) Health

When you own a particular kind of pet, it opens you up to many new people around you.

If you own a cat, you have a perfect point of connection to anyone else who knows the experience of caring for one. If you own a dog, you are all the more likely to come across people who want to meet him or her. You might surprise yourself with the new, fulfilling relationships you’ll allow yourself to make!

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