Midlands Pet Tips For Giving Pets As Gifts

Is It a Good Idea to Give Pets As Gifts?

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There are currently more than 76,000,000 pet dogs in the United States today. As the holiday season draws near, many families consider the merits of giving pets as gifts. But what are the realities of buying a puppy for Christmas?

While puppies are guaranteed to delight children and make a cute new addition to the family, they also come with a long-term commitment. This guide explores the practicalities and responsibilities that come with giving pets as gifts.

Read on to learn more about what getting a dog for Christmas really entails.

Pets As Gifts: The Reality of Pet Ownership

Puppies take a lot of looking after. Far beyond the holiday season, they require care, attention, and patience to grow into an integrated and valued member of the family. Here are a few things to consider before buying a puppy as a gift:

Long-Term Commitment

While the thought of owning a brand-new puppy is cute and novel, potential owners must realize that the average lifespan of a dog can range from between 10 – 15 years. It is important that owning a dog fits into the families long term plan, not just holiday fun.

Ongoing Expenses

Buying a dog for Christmas represents more than a one-time fee. Aside from the original purchase price, owners must budget for food, vet bills, supplies, and training classes in the future.

Puppies Can Be Demanding

Puppies need care, attention, and routine to flourish and be happy. Fitting a puppy’s needs into the schedule may seem easy during the holiday downtime, but many people struggle to keep up once they return to work or school.

Teaching a puppy basic manners and housetraining requires a lot of supervision. Check out our guide to adding new pets to the home to learn more.

The Benefits of Getting a Puppy

Getting a puppy can enrich owners’ lives in a variety of ways. Responsible owners will enjoy many benefits:

Bringing the Family Together

Bringing a dog into the home can strengthen the bond between family members. By sharing the responsibility of looking after a dog, families get the opportunity to work as a team.

Teaching Children Good Values

Having a puppy to look after can help teach children about responsibility, compassion, and motivation. Owners should implement a schedule or rotation so that their children understand their responsibilities as dog owners.

Providing Love and Companionship

Puppies and dogs are an endless source of love and compassion. By being committed and responsible in ownership, people can watch their dogs grow into a loyal, content, and affectionate asset to the family.

Pets as Gifts: What to Consider

While buying puppies as holiday gifts is sure to bring joy to the family, potential owners must take the responsibility of carefully considering the pros and cons of buying pets as gifts in the long term.

Part of the reality of owning a dog is understanding that it won’t be around forever. As much as they bring joy and laughter into their owners’ lives, one day it will be time to say goodbye. That’s why it’s so important to honor a dog with the memorial it deserves.

Here at Midlands Pet Care, we offer respectful and dignified cremation and memorial services for your pets once they pass on. Contact us today to learn more.

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