How Can I Show My Cat “Purrson” I Love Them?

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If someone in your life is a cat-lover, it is easy to find a gift that is always just right for them. Clever cat gift ideas are everywhere online, from items for the owners to treats for their feline friends.

Some great gifts for cats and cat lovers include these ideas:

Apparel Items

Give someone that loves their cat a cute tee shirt or handcrafted garment that features – you guessed it – their cats. Online markets, like, offer an expansive array of cat-themed apparel that will appease any cat lover. Want to give something fun? Consider giving the cat their own closet staples, from pet sweaters to a swell new collar.

Catchy Collectibles

If your cat lover is a collector, consider contributing something to their collection, like figurines, posters, or plush toys. There are vendors online that will recreate the pet’s image into a one-of-a-kind stuffed animal or pillow. What better way to pay tribute to a beloved cat than that? Consider gifting a hand-painted, carved, or molded cat to start out a collection that will surely grow over time.

Office Goods

Is your gift recipient someone that struggles with being apart from their cat? Give them something for the office that commemorates their pet to enjoy at work – like a photo mouse pad, framed picture, or cat-themed pen. These are all great gifts that show others that they are a proud cat owner.

Personalized Mementos

If you have a photo of your cat lover’s pet, you can make any number of fantastic and thoughtful gifts. Plus, these are inexpensive and show true thoughtfulness. Think about personalizing a key fob or coin pouch with a photo, or have an image etched on a wine glass or paperweight. Some needlecrafters offer personalized embroidered renditions of pets (and people!) online. The options are endless.

Treats & Goodies

Treats for your favorite cat are always a great gift idea, but make sure they are quality-made in the USA. Also, give the ingredients a look to ensure they are made with fresh, wholesome food. Better yet, bake up a batch of cat treats yourself using online recipes and tutorials. Search online for pet bakeries, too, for inspiration.

A Bit of Nip

Finally, consider gifting your cat lover a bit of catnip for their feline. Quality organic catnip that is grown in the USA can be purchased online and delivered to your door. Check online marketplaces for organic catnip in fun and kitschy toys.

Consider these clever, handcrafted ideas- and more- that are easily found online. Treat your cat lover- and their pets- to any of these inspired ideas.

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