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Dog Grooming: How Frequently Does Fido Need Grooming?

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Making sure that your dog is well taken care of can be stressful and time-consuming. While dog grooming certainly helps, it can be hard to know when to bring them back to the groomers and what other services they need.

A dog’s skin and fur make up 13% of their adult weight and even more in puppies. It’s important to take care of a dog’s coat and be careful not to overwash your dog, as they can develop skin sensitivities and other problems.

Many people think that just having their dog washed and their fur trimmed is enough, but a dog’s needs include taking care of their oral hygiene, ensuring their nails are regularly clipped, as well as regular brushing.

Here we cover how often a dog’s needs should be taken care of so that you can create a schedule that fits your dog’s needs as well as your own.

How Often Should Dog Grooming Occur?

Grooming time differs for every breed of dog. If your dog has a long coat that needs to be trimmed to keep it from being matted, then they need to be brought to the groomers more often than a dog with a short coat of fur.

In general, your dog should have its fur groomed every 2-3 months, depending on its needs. Washing your dog more than this can cause irritation and skin problems like eczema, which can lead to problems such as fur loss in the affected area.

Your dog’s nails also need to be clipped regularly, which can often be done at the same time when they are brought to the groomers, since their nails only need to be clipped every 1-2 months, depending on how fast they grow.

Your Dog’s Needs Between Grooming

In between taking your dog to the groomers, your dog needs to be brushed once a day. This can be done at anytime that is convenient for you.

You can buy a dog grooming kit to help you take care of your dog’s at-home needs, as well as dog grooming clippers if you need to take care of your dog’s nails in between grooming appointments.

Your dog also needs its teeth cleaned every day as well. This can come in the form of brushing their teeth or giving them a dental chew if they can’t tolerate a toothbrush in their mouth.

You should check your dog’s ears often and make sure that there isn’t any buildup of earwax.

Checking your dog for parasites like fleas and ticks should also be done at least every week or so, or any time they could be exposed to pests.

How To Create The Best Grooming Schedule

To make a grooming schedule that works for you and your dog, you should try to schedule grooming with other needs that can be done at the same time, this will ensure that these other needs won’t be neglected.

In addition, you can create a routine with your dog for their daily needs, such as brushing their fur, teeth, and checking their ears at a time when you can focus on your dog. This will allow your dog to spend time with you and create bonding time as well.

Keep Your Dog Clean and Happy Today!

Every dog requires a slightly different grooming schedule based on its breed and fur type. Based on this, you can create a dog grooming schedule for your furry friend. Keeping a consistent schedule for your dog will help them stay their healthiest.

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