7 Benefits of Owning a Pet

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Adopting a pet is a kind and compassionate thing to do, but did you know there are pet benefits, that is, perks to owning and caring for an animal? While it only makes sense to take on the responsibilities of a pet if you are sure that you can dedicate the time, effort, and money that it will require, pet ownership can be a fulfilling, enriching, and healthful thing to do!

Seven benefits of owning a pet are:

1. Good Health

Pets foster good health in a number of ways. According to experts, the increased exercise and improvements to mental wellbeing reduce disease and prevent illness, overall. The advantages of owning a pet help to keep mental health disorders at bay.

2. Move More

There is no getting around the fact that pets require exercise- especially dogs.  Physical activity and exercise are perks of pet ownership that keep on giving in terms of self-esteem, holistic wellness, confidence, weight control- the list goes on and on. 

3. Better Mood

As mentioned, pets improve mood but how? It is reported that caring for and interacting with a beloved animal can reduce depression and give many hope for the future. The type of pet doesn’t matter- it is merely contingent on the bond between pet and owner that create this healthful connection.

4. Sense of Purpose

When someone isolates, withdraws, and doesn’t engage, they may ruminate and perseverate on unhealthy issues, like pain, sadness, or regret. A pet can provide an excellent external focus to put their attention and energy into. Furthermore, taking care of a pet day-to-day provides a sense of purpose that is so important, especially to older individuals.

5. Companionship

Perhaps the biggest reason why- and advantage of- pet adoption is companionship. Physical contact with a pet can be soothing and comforting, plus spending time with them can make those living alone feel a lot less lonely.

6. Something New

For many, owning a pet is a new experience or one that they have not had in a while. Taking on the daily responsibilities and experiences of pet ownership is something new and it can help create a fresh, interesting lifestyle for the owner.  Dog parks, daily walks, and even trips to the vet might be new and welcome adventures for pets and their owners.

7. Less Anxiety

Spending time with an animal can lower anxiety and create a sense of calm mindfulness that is very cathartic. Pets are often used in therapeutic ways with individuals struggling with anxiety or panic attacks. Some animals are trained to detect these mood fluctuations and comfort their owner. 

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