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Midlands Pet Care Logo   A pet's faith and loyalty in many instances suppresses our understanding. No more fitting tribute can be made than to afford them a final resting place in keeping with the faith and trust they shown in us. This is especially true when a faithful and loyal pet has been a part of family life for years. A pet is a member of the family and we care for it as such.

   We at Midlands Pet Care are committed to providing bereaved pet owners with compassionate assistance during difficult times with the loss of a pet. Since 1995, our family owned and operated services strives to provide dignified options to help ease the confusion and pain.

   Pets love and accept you unconditionally. When a pet dies, you and your family must accept the need to grieve. Even though others around you may attempt to minimize your grief, the hurt must be embraced to be lessened.

   Memories are one of the best legacies after the death of a pet. Your pet entertained and comforted you. Remember those times. If your memories bring laughter, smile. If they bring sadness, cry. Remember, though, memories made in love can never be taken away.

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