Deloris Sanders Mungo

I have lived in the midlands all of my 64 years.  My passion in life since I was a child has always been animals and their care.  I don’t know why God instilled it in me, but He did. I have probably had more well cared for pets than anyone you have ever known.  I would do anything to ensure that my pets live a good,long,healthy life and some have lived to be as old as twenty. But when they have lived their life and gone across that Rainbow Bridge, I want the same care and dignity for them when they have gone from me. They made my life better, and I want them to be remembered in a special way.  For every pet I have had that has passed on, I have used Midlands Pet Care and Brent Caughman who is genuinely one of the most caring and finest people I know .  He shows the same compassion to the sad families of the pets we’ve lost as he does to the families of people who have passed.  His staff has been respectful and caring- never making light of people’s feelings and tears when they pick up the ashes of their beloved pets.  They have a lovely and appropriate selections of urns, frames, candles, markers and other items that we might need.  Return time of the pet’s ashes is prompt.  Many of my pets have been large older dogs that were more comfortable being euthanized by my vet at my home.  Brent Caughman has personally come to my home immediately afterwards to pick up the body of my beloved pet at home.  Whenever it has had to be done at a veterinarian’s office, I ALWAYS specifically specify  that the body of my pet be picked up ONLY by Midlands Pet Care as many vets use a non-local service and I like to support local businesses.  Brent Caughman also purchased the Pet Rest Cemetery which is where my family’s Irish Terrier Judy was buried when I was a little child…..I think it is wonderful that he saw the beauty in having a place that people can even bury their pet if they don’t want cremation and know they may have to move somewhere far away.  Their pet is still buried in a place where they can go back and pay homage if they wish — and, why not?  Our pets are truly our family members.  I am so glad to have such a fine place as Midlands Pet Care and a person such as Brent Caughman and his staff to take care of our beloved pets when we finally have to say goodbye, and I would highly recommend them if you want and expect dignity for your deceased pets at affordable prices.  I would never use anyone else.